Dear Mom – An Unapologetically Sappy Post to My Mother

Dear Mom,

I usually write to the kids, but I just had to get this on the record. There’s something about being a mom that makes you reflect frequently on your own childhood; you suddenly see everything from both sides. And with that in mind I need to express a little gratitude – not just for the diapers changed, the moods tolerated, or the hair held back – but for making me feel every day – happy, sad, or otherwise – that I was loved more than I could probably appreciate at the time.

You loved us without regard, condition or restraint. And, honestly, that felt so good. Now that I’m a mother, I know how overwhelming a parent’s love for a child can be and I’m glad that you did not hold back one ounce of it. I felt constantly awash in your giddy love, and – bouyed by it – made it through some tough times. No matter what went wrong there was always the safe place of you to return to. It was a love without judgement, without caveats, and without shame. I can only hope that the love I have for my own children can be near as empowering to them.

Some parents worry that they will smother their children. I do not believe that children can have too much love. Love, in itself, is not overbearing. All love has good intentions. It is the fear of letting go and calling it love that is smothering. The real trick to parenthood is seeing your heart walking around outside your body and being ok with it.

So, Mom, thank you for the gift of love and life and for teaching me by your example how to be a loving mom.

I love you too.

Photo Credit: illustrated by Meg C. DeBoe

Photo Credit: illustrated by Meg C. DeBoe

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2 thoughts on “Dear Mom – An Unapologetically Sappy Post to My Mother

  1. Mary Jones

    Thank you, Meg. What a lovely and heartwarming tribute. I am in awe of your wisdom and creativity. I love you. MOM

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