Fun with Kids – Bubble Mania

This morning the kiddos and I had fun with bubbles! First we made or own bubble solution that is supposed to make good big bubbles (1.5 cup water, 1/4 cup corn syrup, 1/2 cup concentrated liquid dish detergent).


It worked pretty well, but when we started running low we cheated and topped off with bottled bubbles.



We used a water bottle with the bottom cut off, a bent hanger, and the tops off two ‘belly washer’ bottles to blow the bubbles. Fun!


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2 thoughts on “Fun with Kids – Bubble Mania

  1. So much fun!!! Love it. And… I nominated you for the Liebster award!

  2. Hi Colleen! Thank you for the nomination. Here are my responses to your 11 questions:

    1) What do you do at a stoplight most of the time? – Spy on the people next to me.

    2) Moon or Sun and why? – The Moon. Kitten “gave” it to me and every time we see it she says, “Look, Mommy! There’s your moon!” Hands off NASA!

    3) Favorite childhood cartoon – Banana Man! Anyone? Anyone?

    4) If you could go any place in the world for only 15 minutes, where would it be and why? – The Mediterranean Sea – it’s so beautiful! You could drop your camera and take a postcard picture.

    5) Train or plane and why? – Plane. I know you’re supposed to enjoy the journey, but honestly, most times I just want to get there already.

    6) Irrational fears (funny variety) – I’m irrationally afraid that I will jump off the metro platform. I stand way back just in case. Apparently I think I have less control around platforms than I do chocolate.

    7) Greatest quote you’ve heard recently – “You get what you get and you don’t get upset”. I’m thinking of getting it tattooed…on my children.

    8) Dishes or vacuuming (which do you prefer)? Vacuuming, especially if its a cordless.

    9) It’s a dark starry night, the warm breeze is blowing, you are sitting outside, describe the “feeling” (poetic challenge) – It feels like I’m being kissed by the sky, so I drop my guard, my shoulders, my hair, and just let the moment wash over me. Mmmmm…stop touching Mommy’s hair, Sweetie, she’s having a moment…no, not an episode, a moment…yes, like a timeout. Mommy’s having a timeout. Now, shhhh…

    10) Six Flags or Disneyland and why? – Disneyland. I’ve never been!

    11) What is your least favorite part of blogging? (Ok to be honest, we probably agree) – Writing something that I think was epic, moving, and universal and waiting for anybody to notice it – hello, out there?

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