Dear Kids – Shower Time

Dear Sweet Children,

You know that I love the beautiful sound of your chime-like voices and I savor every opportunity to soak up every word you have to say…almost every opportunity. When I am standing exposed in the bathroom is not that time. When I’ve got soap in my eyes and I’m cursing the thinness of the bathroom door is not that time.

Why does it seem that the only time you two EVER work together is to try to break down the bathroom door when I am in there? And for what? More of Mommy than you ever bargained for and years of therapy? A frightening look in to the future for Kitten? Not worth it, my friends, I promise you.

So, please, the next time you have something to say that’s too important to wait until I’m wearing my big girl pants, go find your father. He likes swarms of things.

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