Dear Kitten – The Kissy Momster

Dear Kitten,

When you were three months old, you and I were sitting together in the rocking chair in your bedroom where we had been reading stories. I closed the last book and went in to pepper your chubby little cheeks with kisses. Then you did something you’d never done before – you defended your cheek! You kiss-blocked me. Oh, really? “No one gets passed the Kissy Momster, little girl,” and you didn’t. I got my kisses and a few giggles to boot.

In that moment the Kissy Momster was born. A whole little story leapt fully formed in to my head. I could barely wait to get it down on paper.

I’m hiding in my bedroom,
It’s the safest place to be.
The Kissy Momster’s on the prowl,
And I think she’s out for me.

I was at the end of my maternity leave and I took the last of my remaining days to make you a little book out of the story you inspired. I used one of your duplicate board books, large white labels, and clipart. It was crude, but fun and I was proud of it.

The Original Kissy Momster

A couple of years later I decided I would create some legitimate illustrations for your little book. I also decided I would have it printed. I loaded my files on to and suddenly our little book was on Amazon. One year later The Kissy Momster has sold over 100 copies and has twice been a finalist in a national book contest. Woo Hoo!

The Kissy Momster

I have gotten so much gratification and pride out of writing for and about you and Buddy. Thank you so much, Kitten, for being my first inspiration.

Three Books

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