Dear Kids – Kids on the Block

Dear Kids,

There is something wonderful about growing up on a street full of kids. I didn’t have this experience growing up. My block was all retirees and empty-nesters. You two, however, have a bounty of children to play with and it is awesome! I am retroactively jealous of you.

There’s two kids across the street, three more kids a door down from them, two kids next door, two kids a door down from them, and two more next to them. We could have a veritable kid convention in the works here. And that’s just our block! We meet new kids every day at the playground down the street.

Last weekend there was a random confluence of children at the neighbor’s house. As if responding to some magnetic pull, eight children descended on their house, you two among them. There were shenanigans…oh my, were there shenanigans! …and tears, and negotiations, and bandaids, and running, and jumping, and screaming, and all the good stuff that comes with free play and kids up to their own devices. There was mess, but there were even more memories.

It was truly fabulous to see you guys having so much fun together. Which is why it’s so hard to tell you that…we’re moving. I’ll spring for therapy…


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