Fun with Kids – Window Crayons

Window Crayons

I got some window crayons so that my co-workers and I could leave an obnoxious birthday message on our friend’s office window (good friends are the reason I go to work with a smile on my face). I brought them home that night (read: removed the evidence) and you two found them. Boy, did you have fun! They are incredibly bright, very easy to use, and who doesn’t like making a mess? Every once in a while we break them out for a special occasion (Happy Birthday!) or just because.

It can be a little messy. The crayon doesn’t really dry, which means it will get on your hands when you touch it hours or even days later. We usually only leave it up for a few days or until I get tired or washing crayon off your hands. It is really easy to clean up with wipes – off both hands and the glass.



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2 thoughts on “Fun with Kids – Window Crayons

  1. Mary Jones

    Working side by side and enjoying themselves. Good work, Mom!

    • Thanks! It didn’t last long. Suddenly there was one color that both of them just HAD TO HAVE. That’s the nice thing about pictures – single moments frozen in time. Years from now I can pretend this was how it always was 🙂

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