Dear Kitten – How Is 4 Year-Old You So Much Cooler Than 4 Year-Old Me??

Dear Kitten,

You are cool – so cool. Way cooler than I was at your age. For example…

Here’s you at 3 years-old:

3 year-old Callie

What?? Uber cool!

Here’s me at 3 years-old:

3 year-old Meg

Obviously I got my head stuck in a weed-whacker and was dressed by blind monkeys. What happened here??

Honestly, I blame my parents and the 80s. My parents, God bless them, were less than fashion forward. I believe my father still has a powder blue suit in his closet and it’s not even the same powder blue suit that he wore on his wedding day – you can never have too many powder blue suite, right? My mother was – as many of us were – a victim of the times. Was it necessary for glasses to be 6 inch squares? I think not. And perms have taken more than their fair share of victims. Oh 80s…have you no shame??

Let us get back to the evidence. Here is you at 4 years-old:

4 year-old Callie

And then me:

4 year-old Meg 2

I’ve managed to out grow the weed-whacker look, but what’s going on here? Black socks with pink and white? Pulled all the way up?? With sneakers I can only assume were once white. So, uncool. How did you possibly propagate from me?

I have very little comfort to give you. I can only hope that you will maintain your path of coolness. Hang on to the sunglasses, they seem to help. Otherwise, here is a glimpse in to your future at five:

5 year-old Meg

The horror

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