Dear Kids – Sometimes You Need To Be Alone, And That’s Ok

Dear Kids,

You kids have so much entertainment at your fingertips; a toy box full to the brim, a yard full of balls, bubbles, and chalk, stacks of coloring and activity books, and – yes – the television. It feels like almost every moment of every day you two are tearing through the house; laughing, running, arguing, or just plain screaming. Whatever you are doing you are almost always doing it together – Buddy wants to do everything Kitten does and Kitten wants to have whatever Buddy is playing with.

But sometimes, there are moments; quiet, solitary moments. They are the kind of moments that initially set off warning bells in parents. “It’s quiet…too quiet.” 50% of the time I investigate these moments and find one of you about to throw something in the toilet. But, the other 50% of the time you are stealing quiet time for yourself. During these moments, I quietly back away before you see me and close the door a little behind me.

It is a great virtue, being able to be by yourself; to quiet the world around you and focus on just one thing. Buddy, you like to sit on the floor of your bedroom and look at all the books on your shelves one-by-one. Kitten, you like to pour out your piggy bank on your bed spread and sort all the coins.

Sometimes you have a rough start, a long day, or a bump in the road. Sometimes you just need some time to yourself. And that’s ok. I’ll be in the living room having my alone time too. Come get me when your ready to run and scream again.


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