Dear Kids – Good Cop, Bad Cop

Dear Kids,

There’s always going to be a good cop and a bad cop. Sometimes I’m the bad cop. Sometimes Daddy is the bad cop. The key is splitting it. No one wants to be the bad cop all the time.

It’s easy to slip in to roles; some parents are more comfortable doling out discipline than others. That’s normal. But it’s not fair to never take your turn as bad cop, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. For one thing, your kids will never take you seriously if they know you won’t discipline them. For another, it’s unnecessarily stressful to your partner. You’re a team. Take your turn.

Recently I’ve noticed that Daddy has been bad cop more than his fair share. Buddy, you were drawing on the table with a yellow crayon and even though I was right next to you, it was Daddy that took you to time out. That should have been me, but I didn’t jump in to action, so he did. I know that’s stressful for him and if it’s always him taking you to time out then you will start to think he’s the bad guy. He’s not the bad guy, Buddy. And if I start taking my turn as bad cop, you’ll know that.

Photo Credit: Microsoft Clipart

Photo Credit: Microsoft Clipart

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Good Cop, Bad Cop

  1. Your kids are so adorable 🙂

  2. Thanks, Khaula! 🙂

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