Dear Kitten – BFF

Dear Kitten,

Your best friend is Maia. You two have been in the same class for 4 years – almost all of your lives. You learned to write your name and soon after learned to write Mommy, Daddy, Buddy, and Maia. When you draw a family picture Maia is in it. A photo of you two sits on your dresser in a frame you made. You hold hands all day at school and hug each other goodbye every day when I pick you up. “I’ll miss you!” you shout.

In a little over a year you two will part ways and go to kindergarten. It breaks my heart to think of you without her. I know that you will move on; grow up and make new friends. But, this one is special. She is your first best friend. My hope for you is that you will never forget her. That you expect such excellent quality from your future best friends. That you settle for nothing less than a friend that misses you when you’re gone.

Maia – little, little Maia – will leave big shoes to fill. I hope that you have many friends in your life, Kitten, but I hope that you hold out for someone that cares about you as much as she does to be your next best friend. But for now, hold on to her hand tight and go make some memories together…


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