Dear Kids – Well played, Weeds!

Dear Kids,

Spring has sprung! We are on the doorstep of summer. Thus, our yard is filled from front door to curb with weeds. You two think they are pretty, pretty flowers. Kitten, you collect them in little bouquets and present them to me morning, noon, and night. You would stop every 5 feet on our walks to pick flowering weeds if we let you. You INSIST that dandelions are sunflowers, and that there is no flower prettier than the buttercup.

I have declared all of these “outside flowers”. They stay on the porch and shrivel up until the wind blows them away. Every once in a while I find a few tucked in to our flower vases in the house, and I can’t help but chuckle. You two have no idea that these particular flowers are very much undesirables.

Daddy spends time weeding and fertilizing and laying down weed deterrent, but how are you going to stop a 2 year-old from “blowing wishes”? Those weeds knew what they were doing when they made their survival irresistible to children. Well played, weeds. Well played.


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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Well played, Weeds!

  1. One of the best ways to bond with kids is through gardening.

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