Dear Kids – Announcement: I’ve Found the Best Bubbles Ever!

Dear Kids,

I have found the best bubbles ever! And they are….Wedding Bubbles! Possibly they are the best because who’s going to mess with a bride, right? These bubbles work in any container, from the long bubble sticks to a standard non-spill cup to the bubble machine. They produce lots of bubbles and the bubbles last. We set the bubble machine going in the back yard and Daddy saw them when he was jogging up to the house from the neighbors front yard – pretty cool. They are so thick they make a ‘snap’ sound when they pop. I know this makes me a bubble geek, but I just love these bubbles!


(This is the refill jug since we use a LOT of bubbles. The small containers
of wedding bubbles sold in trays also work really well.)

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Announcement: I’ve Found the Best Bubbles Ever!

  1. Mary Jones

    I remember how excited you were when you found out the “wedding bubbles” could be bought in a jug. I agree these bubbles are fantastic. Even the adults love them. They make it worth all the huffing and puffing we do to produce the bubbles :0)

  2. So going to have to find some. My son loves loves loves bubbles.

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