Dear Kitten – Daddy Tom Sawyered the Heck Outa That

Dear Kitten,

Last weekend we came home from the store and Daddy was painting the garage. After a chorus of ‘Can I paint? Can I? Can I?’ Daddy gave you command of the brush. It was about 60 seconds before your friend from next door came over to investigate. Soon Daddy was standing back and supervising, clocking his minions in and out for their turns.

Daddy would have made Tom Sawyer proud!



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6 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – Daddy Tom Sawyered the Heck Outa That

  1. Mary Jones

    Way to go, Dad! Train them while they’re young and they’ll be helping you with projects like this the rest of your life…we hope.

    • Their ‘helping’ is a blessing and a curse at this stage – Daddy had to do less painting, but it also took the girls a good twice as long and twice as much paint. But how can you say ‘no’ to those two cuties??

  2. That is too funny, but they must have loved it! Great memories for them.

    • It probably took twice as long to paint the garage door, but the girls loved it. They somehow managed to get no paint on themselves which never happens for me when I get near paint!

  3. I love any situation when you can use Tom Sawyer as a verb. Plus, its always great as a dad to have the “help”.

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