Dear Kitten – The Great Swing Deception

Dear Kitten,

We go to the playground fairly often – at least twice a week. You always go immediately to the swings. You would never leave the swings if it were up to you – which is great for you, but not so great for your parents who have to push you that whole time. You always want us to push you higher, again and again and again. We’ve tried teaching you to pump the swing on your own. I’ve even seen older children at the playground couching you. Every time you get a little bit of swing all by yourself we celebrate!

Yesterday I picked you up from school and you had a popped blister on your hand. Your teacher told me it was from swinging so long on the swings and that you got really high.

“By herself?” I asked, shocked.

“Oh, ya,” your teacher answered. “We never push the kids. They always swing themselves.”

Come again?? Turns out you have been swinging by yourself for the better part of the school year. The jig is up, my dear – your free ride is over!


The Face of Deception.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – The Great Swing Deception

  1. Mary Jones

    LOL a really LONG time!!! OMG! She had us all fooled.

  2. The force is strong with this one… better keep an eye on her!

  3. Lol! Awesome!

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