Dear Kids – Memorial Day

Dear Kids,

You don’t know what WWII is yet, and I’m not quite sure when the right time to tell you is. But, I do want you to know now about a remarkable man who served in that war. Vincent Fessler is my grandfather and your great-grandfather. He was the tall, quiet type and looked a little like popeye in his sailor’s uniform.

He enlisted right before the United States entered the war in 1941. After he finished his training he was shipped directly to Oahu to begin the clean-up after Pearl Harbor was bombed. He and his crew removed bombs from the water in the surronding areas.

He witnessed a lot of amazing things; he saw death, he saw beauty, he saw injustice, and he saw sacrifice. He made close friends.

Grandpa Vince never spoke of his time in the war, but after he passed away we found photographs of his time on Oahu. They are a window not only in to his past, but our country’s past. Not all of it is pretty, but it is our legacy just the same.

I am proud of my grandfather and I hope that you two will be as well.

IMG_0001   IMG_0048

1) Vince is the second from the left.   2) Vince and his crew. He is the third from the top right.

IMG_0037   IMG_0040

3) Japanese internment camp on Oahu. 4) Something has exploded here – firefight? bomb removal?

Photo Credit: They are from my Grandfather’s collection; source unknown

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Memorial Day

  1. Mary Jones

    Vince Fessler was my dad and didn’t talk about his experience during World War II, UNTIL about a week before he died. I was sitting by his bedside while he and his brother, Uncle Ray Fessler, started remembering their time during the war. I wish I had had a tape recorder running, because I was so shocked to hear Dad talking about this thing he never talked about, that I don’t remember any of it. Thanks, Meg, for a lovely tribute to this amazing man and all those who served our country in this way.

  2. I didn’t know that! You’ll have to tell me what they said!

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