Dear Buddy – You Did It!

Dear Buddy,

There are pieces of equipment on every playground that aren’t for every kid. Some stuff is for older/bigger kids and some stuff is for younger/smaller kids. The bouncy frog? Smaller kids. The monkey bars? Bigger kids.

So, when you decided to take on the ladder where the gap between rungs was a third of your size, I was nervous. I stood behind you and spotted you (“babied” you, your Daddy said). You did just what you saw all those big kids do. It took you longer and you slipped once or twice, but you did it. All the way to the top!

And then you did it again. And again. And again. And you got faster, and faster, and faster. You were so proud of yourself and so was I. It reminded me that you can only grow and learn by trying new things; even if those things are scary…for me.

wpid-20130517_180813.jpg     wpid-20130517_180825.jpg   wpid-20130517_180928.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Dear Buddy – You Did It!

  1. Mary Jones

    Way to go, Buddy! Keep up that persistent spirit. You’ll go far, if you do.

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