Dear Kitten – My Cross-Dressing Teddy Bear

Dear Kitten,

When I was ten years old I received a big, brown Gund teddy bear for Christmas. I named him Fuzzy and determined that he was a boy.

When you were three years old you took Fuzzy – who lives in your room – and gave him a sex change. You put him in your favorite dress because you had grown out of it and donned him with your Easter hat. You said the little Gund tag in his ear was an earing.

When you were four years old you told me that Fuzzy – still in the dress – wasn’t a girl, after all. He was a boy. He just happened to be wearing a very pretty pink and green dress because he looks great in it, don’t you think?

Yes. Yes, I think he does look great in it. And, I think you look even better in that open mind of yours, sweetheart.

my transgender teddy bear

P.S. 100th post!! Woo Hoo!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – My Cross-Dressing Teddy Bear

  1. Mary Jones

    Congratulations on your 100th post, Dear Crazy Kids!!! And it was a good one! Thanks for sharing your creativity and humor.

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