Dear Kitten – Don’t Poke the Dog in the Eye!

Dear Kitten,

You don’t have a dog. You have to borrow your aunt and uncle’s dogs, Finn and Roxie.

When I was pregnant with you the girl dog, Roxie, glued herself to my side. Where I went, she went. She’d sometimes try to curl up with me as close to my belly as she could get. I hear this sometimes happens with dogs and people’s hormones – they just know stuff.

When I gave birth to you I was instant chopped liver. Roxie began to follow you around instead. If you cried, she whined and stared us down, “do something!” She would clean your nose with her tongue – which was sweet, but gross.

Once, when you were learning the parts of the face, you literally put your finger on Roxie’s eye ball. “Eye!” you squealed, finger still planted firmly on the poor dog’s glassy eye. Additionally, you would regularly ‘pet’ her by grabbing her lip. To my amazement and extreme relief, Roxie never so much as nipped at you.

Over the years Roxie has taught you with extreme patience how to be gentle, how to approach a dog, how to respect a dog’s space, and how to appreciate the genuine love a dog can give. I would give you a dog of your own in a heartbeat…if Buddy were not allergic to them 😦

 Callie and Roxie   Roxie

Thank you to Jillian Mak at Early Learning Planet for the inspiration for this post with her post, Children and Pets!

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