Dear Self – Get Off the Phone!!

Dear Self,

Get off the phone! Put down the stupid apps and look at your children! I don’t care if it’s “the news”. I don’t care if it’s “training your brain”. I don’t care if you are curing cancer on that dam* phone. Put. It. Down. Go play!

Get off the phone

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6 thoughts on “Dear Self – Get Off the Phone!!

  1. Good advice. My wife is so worried about photographing that she is often not in the actual moment.

    • I am guilty of that as well. I love taking photographs – it is my therapy 🙂

      • I think that’s cool. We all love to have the photos but sometimes it takes over the moment and everything becomes scripted.

      • I agree – I definitely have to stop myself sometimes and say, “You have enough pictures of the kids with the ball. Go play with the kids and the ball!” Taking pictures helps us remember, but the first priority always needs to be making the memories and being in them.

      • Exactly with you on that one.

  2. Mary Jones

    Amen, Meg.

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