Dear Kids – Nasty, Nasty Tissues

Dear Kids,

Being a mom means that in my environment there are tissues…everywhere. There are tissues  – USED tissues – in the pockets of every item of clothing I own. There are tissues on the floors, behind cushions in the furniture, in my purse, and on the counters. There are tissues overflowing from every trash can in the house. I am constantly picking up tissues! And, God knows what’s in them! Very few of these tissues actually contain my own bodily fluids. And – No – it isn’t any less gross just because I’m a mom. It’s gross. Insanely gross.

Are you handing me another tissue??

Are you handing me another tissue??

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Nasty, Nasty Tissues

  1. Both of mine have colds right now. You’re right. Just because you’re their mother doesn’t make it any less revolting.

    • Exactly! I woman once came up to me and said, “You’re a mom – do you have a tissue I could borrow?” Not one that’s clean, lady. You’ll need to see a single person for that.

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