Dear Kids – Custom Parenting

Dear Kids,

I recently wrote this in response to a post (kid.) by everday.

“I constantly question myself – especially when it comes to discipline. I think all parents are just kind of feeling their way through parenthood. There’s books, but what do they know about YOUR kid? Nothing! Kids are so different.

You can scream ‘No’ at the top of your lungs at my son and he won’t bat an eye until he is physically restrained from hurting himself, someone, or something. He is tactile and visual and you need to be blunt and quick with him.

My daughter, however, you can look sideways at and she’ll dissolve in to tears. Her proudest moments are, “I didn’t cry that time, Mommy!” She is emotional and needs a light touch.

The same discipline and parenting won’t work for these two kids; even if they are being raised in the same house by the same parents. But here’s the constant: they both crave our love and attention. I figure we’ve got that part down pat ;)”


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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Custom Parenting

  1. Mary Jones

    You got it, Meg. One of the key points to parenting is KNOWING your children. That’s why it is so important to spend time with them, even as they grow older. Staying in touch with with your children and their lives, especially when they are teenagers, helps you know who they are and how to best help them when they need you…and they WILL need you, even when they don’t think they do. Happy Parenting!

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