Dear Kids – Flying With Kids

Dear Kids,

In a few days we are taking you on a cross-country flight with your cousins. There will be four adults and four kids under 7. Understandably, I am fearing for my sanity. Therefore, I have trolled the internet seeking advice on how to survive this fine example of masachism. Below are some of the goodies I found. Any other advice from the blogosphere is particularly welcome!!

Best infant and toddler travel toys – by hellobee

What to do before you actually board that plane – by Hither&Thither

TSA Guidelines for traveling with children – by TSA

A break-down of each part of your trips with tips – by deliciousbaby

Ten tips for keeping a toddler busy on a plane – by delicious baby

Apps for Toddlers – by rvaloanofficer

More advice on flying with kiddos – by Family Vacation Adventure

Worst Scenario Airport Bingo

Thanks to Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget for the bingo!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Flying With Kids

  1. Oh god, I’m sorry. No advice, only pity.

  2. I hope your flight goes well! Thanks for posting a link to my blog! We love the apps!

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