Dear Kids – Moving Day

Dear Kids,

There’s nothing like moving to inspire you to throw away everything you own.

Seriously, why do we have so much crap?? And why do you two keep insisting that the crap I just put in a box is the most interesting crap you’ve ever seen and you must play with it NOW?

Our new house – you know, the one we just moved all that crap in to – isn’t actually finished yet. It is full of bare studs and lots of shiny tools. Buddy, you have seen a real hammer and now puny toy hammers will no longer do. You march around the house with a tool – hammer, screw driver, pliers, whatever – and yell “Bam! Bam! Bam!” Usually while bam, bam, bamming on something. Daddy can’t find any of his tools now.

I never knew moving with children would be so hard. You can’t help pack, you can’t move boxes, and you want to be constantly entertained during the whole process.

Me: Ok, you guys go play because Mommy and Daddy have some packing to do.
Kitten: Ok, but Mommy look at this!
Me: In a second sweetie, I have to fill this box.
Kitten: Ok, but Mommy watch me!
Me: Just for a minute and then I have to get back to packing.
Kitten: Ok, but I’m thirsty.
Me: I’ll get you some juice, but then you need to play over there so I can pack, ok?
Kitten: Ok, but can we watch a show?
Me: Sure, you can watch a show.
Kitten: And have a snack?
Me: I’ll bring you some crackers, but then you need to let us pack, ok?
Kitten: Ok, but can you help me use the potty first?
Me: Yes, let’s go to the potty. Don’t forget to wash your hands.
Kitten: Ok, but I need new underpants. I think I had an accident.
Me: Go change your underpants while I finish packing this box.
Kitten: Ok, but can we feed the fish?
Me: Sweetheart, we feed the fish at bedtime, you know that. Go downstairs and watch your show now.
Kitten: Ok, but the show’s over. Can you start a new one?
Me: Ok. Here’s a new show.
Kitten: Thanks, Mommy. Can we have lunch?
Me: Lunch? What? What time is it? How did that happen?? Why is this box empty??

We’re not moving again until you both have big, burly friends who will work for pizza.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Moving Day

  1. Or, you could pack the kids into a box with some crackers and a dvd and let them out when you’re done…Oh wait, that’s the wrong answer isn’t it? LOL

  2. Ceil Fessler

    OH Meg, it really does help to have big burley guys that work for pizza. That’s how Joe and I got into this house…

  3. I’m just sitting here feeling such pity. I can’t imagine! Good luck!

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