Dear Buddy – Spherical, Yet Quite Pointy In Parts

Dear Buddy,

There is a line in “So I Married An Ax Murderer” where the father taunts his son with a huge head describing it as Sputnik-like, “Spherical, yet quite pointy in parts.” This was brought to mind many-a-time during your adjustment to being on two legs. You fell. A lot. You ran in to things. Many times.

Sometimes it was downright hilarious. Again?? Sometimes it was terribly frustrating – just stop hitting your head!

You have a big head. You lead with it. It gets in the way sometimes.

You had so many bruises and lumps on your head that I thought for sure someone would call Child Protective Services on us. I was nervous on doctor’s visits with you. But, no one batted an eye, thank goodness. Apparently, you aren’t the only clumsy kid in the world.

The first time we got a call from the school alerting us that you had bumped your head, the woman sounded so concerned on the phone that I laughed out loud; Guffawed right in to the phone. After recovering myself I explained that, no, I was not the demented, heartless mother my reaction might have indicated. I was simply so relieved that you were getting injured on their watch too. It wasn’t just me!

We were now all on the same team; the “Keep Buddy’s Head in a Roundish Shape” Team. They limited their phone calls to the really serious bumps and assigned a teacher to help you through doorways without running in to them – it was that bad, Buddy. Daddy and I ran you around outside and inside and tried to work on your balance. We seriously considered a helmet.

Eventually, your balance got better…or your grew in to your head. Who knows. You don’t hit your head as much anymore and when you do you don’t make a big deal out of it. That’s either a good thing or I shouldn’t expect high SAT scores from you. Only time will tell.

You got this one at school while standing right next to your teacher. You've got skills.

You got this one at school while standing right next to your teacher. You’ve got skills.

Thank you to Adventures in Babyknitting for the inspiration with her post, “The Principal and the Pee”.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Buddy – Spherical, Yet Quite Pointy In Parts

  1. Thanks for the honorable mention! I don’t know how they all make it without permanent dents by their 3rd birthday. Of course, for me it’s not too late.

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