Dear Kids – Moving Pains

Dear Kids,

We just moved with a two year-old and a four year-old. The house is incomplete so we are all living out of boxes with mattresses on the floor. It’s been this way for two weeks and will likely continue for another two. You two are sharing a bed and do not seem to think this is the fun sleep over adventure we billed it to be.

There are boxes EVERYWHERE. There is drywall dust EVERYWHERE.

There have been tantrums. We are trying to roll with the punches. We have found this to be a great time to establish new routines. We have found that sometimes we need to stop worrying about the boxes and the construction and the cleaning and just sit down and have a tea party. I may not know where my hair brush is, but we have unpacked the tea set – there’s priorities for you!

Photo Credi: Microsoft Word Clipart

Photo Credi: Microsoft Word Clipart

Thank you to Caregiver Dad and his post “The Psychology of Moving a Small Child” for the inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Moving Pains

  1. Dennis Joyner

    Who had the tantrums? You guys or the kids? LOL! Bring out the wine and booze and hang in there! Hugs, Aunt ‘Nita

  2. Ha! You nailed it – the tantrums have been coming from everyone. I think the problem is that we’ve been neglecting that medicinal booze you mentioned… 😉

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