Fun with Kids – Baby Car Emergency Kit

Baby Car Emergency Kit

It takes a while to get in to the swing of new parenthood. When I was a new parent I visited my sister three hours away and forgot bottles – a whole weekend away and I had not packed a single bottle! I went to dinner at a friends house and forgot my diaper bag completely. Sorry, baby, could you please not poop for the next 2-3 hours? Ya, that’s happening.

However, I lucked out. On the advice of a parent friend, my husband and I had made ourselves Baby Car Emergency Kits. Ours were pretty basic and only contained wipes, diapers, and a bottle. It saved my butt – and the baby’s – on more than just the above occasions.

So, upon hearing that a very good friend of mine was having a baby I decided to make her and her husband some pimped out Baby Car Emergency Kits:

wpid-20130702_095607.jpg    wpid-20130702_095651.jpg

They contain:
1 bottle
1 onesie (12 month – it’s an emergency; it doesn’t need to fit like a glove)
1 pack of wipes
1 pack of tissues
1 pack of anti-bacterial hand wipes
1 pack of freeze-dried fruit (for Mom, Dad, or older baby)
2 bandaids
1 roll of deodorized baggies
1 pacifier
3 diapers (size 1 – these will need to be rotated out with an appropriate size)
3-4 disposable cloths (for burping, changing, or wiping up)
1 insulated lunch box (I chose Jake and the Neverland Pirates because pirates are cool)

It all fit very nicely and I sincerely hope the happy new parents find them as useful as I did. We can’t all be perfect (I’m certainly not!) and emergencies happen. It’s good to have back-up.

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4 thoughts on “Fun with Kids – Baby Car Emergency Kit

  1. Love this idea! Your friend will appreciate it!

  2. Thanks! I hope so!

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