Dear Buddy – Just Tell Me!

Dear Buddy,

You’ve been having a rough few days. Two nights ago after dinner you grabbed your mouth suddenly and started moaning, “ow!” You were crying the inconsolable cry of a toddler in pain. A dose of Tylenol later you were right as rain, but you did pull on your ear quite a bit

Then, the next day after school you stopped me in the middle of the hallway outside your sister’s classroom, opened your mouth really wide, and showed me your teeth. I dutifully felt around, but could feel nothing abnormal and no swelling gums or teeth trying to erupt.

Last night you put yourself to bed an hour before bed time. You took Grandma Mimi by the hand, led her upstairs, got in to bed fully clothed, and passed out. You woke up several times during the night, but each time you went back to bed extremely willingly. You only stopped getting up after I finally gave you Tylenol.

So. What is up with you?? Is it teething? I sincerely thought you’d finished with that, but I can’t get you to open your mouth long enough to count them. Is it an ear infection? You just got over one and, as our doctor tells me, the number one cause of ear infections is…ear infections.

I know that sometimes ear pain can feel like mouth pain and that mouth pain can feel like ear pain. So, which is it?? Just tell me!!


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One thought on “Dear Buddy – Just Tell Me!

  1. Update for you all: It was not teething (He does, in fact, have all of his teeth now), and it was not an ear infection. It was a swollen lymph node from post nasal drip. Plenty of fluids and he should be right as rain in a few days. Yay!

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