Dear Buddy – Paging Dr. Buddy

Dear Buddy,

You love tools – indiscriminately. You love construction tools, sports tools, cleaning tools, and…medical tools! I’m hoping your love of tools pans out into some kind of career, say…doctor?

Imagine all of the cool gadgets you’d get to “play” with as a doctor: otoscopes, stethoscopes, opthalmoscopes – all kinds of scopes! X-ray machines, cat scanners, sonogram machines! Bone saws, rib spreaders, hammers! All kinds of interesting, gross, and awesome machines and tools – doesn’t that sound neat?



On the other hand…I certainly would not object to a multi-million dollar earning athlete!


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2 thoughts on “Dear Buddy – Paging Dr. Buddy

  1. Ceil Fessler

    That would be nice wouldn’t it? But, Plumbers and Architectural Engineers make good money too. What is it with Cooper and his hats? Don’t get me wrong, I think he looks really cool, but most kids won’t keep a hat on their head!

  2. He LOVES hats. I don’t know where this comes from, but he certainly does wear them well! I can’t even keep a headband on Callie.

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