Fun With Kids – DIY Tutu

DIY Tutu

This adorable tutu was made for Kitten by my good friend, Bethie. She took a ribbon and tied cuts of toile to it over and over. This one was in red, white, and blue for all the patriotic holidays throughout the year. The idea was that Kitten could get a lot of mileage out of it.

Kitten did not enjoy it. WHAT??? How can that be? Even I want one! I wore this one for a little while before Kitten made me take it off – apparently I wasn’t rocking it as much as I thought I was. I have dibs on it for Halloween, though!

How fun are tutus? I have never wanted to twirl more in my life than when I was wearing this thing. Kitten must have a defective tutu gene. Maybe if I make her one in purple…


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2 thoughts on “Fun With Kids – DIY Tutu

  1. I was really proud of myself after making Stella a pillowcase dress out of special-ordered Mo Willems “Pigeon” fabric. She flipped out when she couldn’t easily pull it off of her head during a daily striptease and now I’m afraid to put it back on her. Sadly, it also hurt my feelings a bit, as irrational as THAT is.

    • I know what you mean. My friend (and I) were soooo disappointed that Kitten didn’t LOVE the tutu – I really thought she would!

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