Dear Kitten – Van Gogh Away

Dear Kitten,

We just moved so we are doing a LOT of painting. At first we tried to do it while you and Buddy were sleeping, but we wound up getting to bed too late to function well in the morning. So, we started painting in the daylight hours and accepted your inevitable offers to help.

Let me be clear, writing your name in big globs of paint so that we will be able to read it for years underneath any following layers of paint is not helpful. “Dipping” your ENTIRE paint brush in the bucket of paint – repeatedly – is not helpful. Serenading us with choruses of “Oops” and “Uh oh” is not helpful. Getting more paint on the floor than on the wall is not helpful. Refusing to change your clothes because you’ll be “really, really careful” and then getting paint on yourself and saying, “Mommy, fix it!” is not helpful. Although, me telling you “I told you so” probably wasn’t helpful either.

Let me be clear, it was also pretty darn cute…



…that being said, you were soon banned from “helping” for the rest of the weekend and wound up watching about 48 hours of television. I’m a horrible parent, but at least the bedrooms are all finally painted.

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