Dear Buddy – Nipple Tissue

Dear Buddy,

You have had a constantly runny nose since…let’s see…birth. Imagine my surprise when suddenly, about two weeks ago, it stopped. Just when I was about to be relieved I realized that it was just because you had learned to wipe your nose…on your shirt.

Once I caught on I saw you doing it constantly; just grabbing the front of your shirt and dragging it across your nose. I tried to intercept, but how can I be faster with a tissue than the tissue that you are wearing on your chest?

Here’s the fun thing: when you are not wearing a shirt you still try to do it. You will grab a handful of chest flesh and attempt to pull it up to your nose. It never works, but it is hilarious to watch. Why do you do that? Doesn’t that hurt? Can’t you tell it’s not going to work? It baffles me, but I still laugh my butt off!


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