Fun with Kids – Ultimate Bubbles!

Ultimate Bubbles

If you’ve read enough of my posts, then you know that I am a bubble fanatic. They are just so pretty and relaxing! Plus, I can set up the bubble machine and get 30 minutes of happy, jumping children while I sit in my lawn chair and lounge. I love bubbles.

I have found some great bubbles and some not-so-great bubbles. Great bubbles are wedding bubbles (in the little, tiny personal use containers or the really big, refill containers). Not-so-great are any bubbles you try to make at home without enough glycerin and Miracle Bubbles. Miracle Bubbles are everywhere; they are cheap in both senses of the word. The bubbles are few and far between and pop before you can get to them – so disappointing.

On to the good news. I have found a DIY bubble solution that is AWESOME! Plus, a great way of making big bubbles. Here is the formula for Ultimate Bubbles:

5 cups water
2 cups Dawn dish soap – yes, it must be Dawn and not another brand or knock off. It has something to do with the glycerin content I think.
1 cup corn syrup

You can make a jug of bubbles with this. I recommend pouring everything in to a milk jug so you can keep it easier.

We made some really big bubbles with these. My father has a contraption that is basically two pieces of string (on longer, one shorter) on two sticks. You soak the strings first, then holding the sticks apart you push forward and up in to the air bringing the sticks together at the end. Viola! Big bubbles!

IMG_1232 IMG_1241 IMG_1249

So cool!

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