Dear Kitten – Little Pink Dress

Dear Kitten,

Look what I found!


I know you are thinking, “Ooo, pretty dress! Mine!” But, it’s more than that. This is THE Little Pink Dress. Your Aunt Bethie and I shared this dress for years until the tiny arm holes cut off our circulation and we conceded that we could no longer wear it. There was threat of ‘handing it down’, ‘giving it away’, and ‘chucking it’. But I guess none of that ever happened because here it is, twenty five-odd years later.

The sharing of the dress was a unique cooperative arrangement between my sister and me, due mostly to the fact that our mother told us she would throw it away if we argued over it. We kept a mental catalogue of who had worn it last; it was impeccably correct and there were few arguments. The children who could not recall what they had had for dinner or even if they had had it yet, could tell you exactly who had worn the dress last, when, for how long, and what was played during that time. It’s all about motivation.

The arrangement included a birthday clause. On your birthday you had unlimited dibs on the dress regardless of whose turn it was. And, if it was your birthday, why would you want to wear anything else?

EPSON054 (3) EPSON015.1 (2)

So, now the dress is back and Aunt Bethie and I just happen to have two little girls who it would fit just perfectly. We have just one thing to say as we pass down this legacy to our darling daughters…

If you ruin this dress we will never forgive you!!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – Little Pink Dress

  1. That’s so cool that you have that dress and the opportunity to enjoy it all over again in an even better way!

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