Dear Kids – Cooperation, Or How I Almost Died of Surprise

Dear Kids,

The other day I took you two to the playground. On our way to the car Kitten spied her new (handed-down) bike in the carport. Could we bring it? Sure!

I immediately realized my mistake when we pulled up to the playground and I unloaded two children and only one bicycle. D’oh! I was sure I was in for it.

I carried the bike to the blacktop and helped Kitten on to it. I tried to entice Buddy with a broken pusher toy abandoned at the playground, but he would have none of it. To my surprise, he wanted to watch Kitten.

He started cheering her on with me, “Go Kitten! Good job!” When she asked for a push to get her going again, he ran right over and gently gave her a push – not a shove or a hit even! He helped her! He followed her around like a doting parent and gave her a nudge whenever she got stuck.

I was shocked. Delighted, but shocked. It was one of those moments that parents bottle up and keep to remind themselves during the not-so-cooperative moments that it actually is possible; that it happened once, that they really can get along.


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One thought on “Dear Kids – Cooperation, Or How I Almost Died of Surprise

  1. Awesome!!!!


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