Fun with Kids – Wall Clings

Wall Clings

New house = new rooms for the kids! They both got to pick their wall color (kinda) and decorations (kinda). Let’s call it carefully led choices, shall we?

I was really excited to try out these wall clings I’d purchased on Etsy. Easy Peasy, right?

Holy Hell. These bastards are tricky!

Here is the first successful one:

Triceratops for Buddy

Triceratops for Buddy

See all those little lines? Those are each a potential tear as you gently tug the incredibly adherent backing off of the incredibly adherent sticker. Plus, the legs and tail are separate. It almost cost me my sanity.

And then…and then, I opened Kitten’s wall cling:

Bloody Hell.

Bloody Hell.

So many freaking flowers! Each petal determined to stay on the paper. ‘Oh, you want to peel me off? How about I just leave two of my petals on the sheet? How do you like that, little miss Etsy-phile?’

Eventually, I made it:

Cherry Tree for Kitten

Cherry Tree for Kitten

I really like how the dinosaurs look in Buddy’s room and Kitten adores her tree. I might actually even attempt wall clings again in the future, but now I know what to look for in the design so that I don’t go completely mental; Solid pieces, few pieces, no tiny pieces.

P.S. Etsy – I still love you!

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