Fun with Kids – Mosquito Repellent Win!

Hypo-allergenic, non-greasy, chemical-free, hippie-approved Mosquito Repellent!

I give you, The Fan:


That’s all it took! One ancient fan set on high. My husband was working outside, covered in both bug spray and mosquitos. Hark! I remembered something I saw on Pinterest! I grabbed the fan, aimed it at my husband and he enjoyed the rest of his labors mosquito-free.

The theory behind the fan is that mosquitos are weak flyers and can’t fly in a breeze. It may also be that they can’t smell you as well in the breeze (they feed by detecting carbon dioxide).

Unfortunately, this type of mosquito repellent won’t work so well when you’re up and about, and, say, mowing the lawn. For that I suggest a long length of extension chord and enough child labor to follow you around with the fan.


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