Dear Kids – Interior Barn Door

Dear Kids,

We thought a barn door would be a neat look on our brand new bathroom and also be a creative solution to a space issue we had. It doesn’t look too bad, right? We thought in the future we’d dress it up with some nice-looking hardware and maybe a rustic door.


Here is why a barn door is a bad idea for a bathroom…

1) Peek-a-boo! There is a requisite gap between the door and the wall because of the hardware.  There is no way to prevent tiny inquiring eyes from getting an eye-full of you on the throne.

Watcha doin', Mom?

Watcha doin’, Mom?

2) No sound barrier. That nice, thick, solid wood door won’t do you any good when the big gaps all around it are letting all of your personal noises flow freely. If you need to do something noisy in private, take it to another bathroom.

3) You cannot secure the door. It is so easy to be walked in on! My little kiddos have absolutely no trouble pushing the door aside and walking right in. It’s actually easier to open from the outside than from the inside.

4) Bounce back. I’m used to going in to a bathroom, throwing the door, and hearing that nice, reassuring click that means I now have my privacy. With the barn door, if you ‘throw’ it, it will just hit the rubber stopper and bounce back open. You have to gently and carefully pull the door closed. No reassurance at all that it will stay there.

5) No handle mechanism. Sure, barn doors have handles (most of them), but they don’t have mechanisms. Even an unlocked doorknob gives you an ounce of security. No one can just breeze in to the room, they have to turn the handle first. Plus, the rattling and turning knob give you at least a warning that someone is attempting to enter.

In short, bathroom barn doors are a bad idea. Don’t do it! Ours will hopefully not be around forever. Until then, we are closing our bedroom door in order to use the bathroom, which – frankly – sucks.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Interior Barn Door

  1. curt

    This is a good post to let people know the good and the bad when it comes to home decor. Sometimes function is more important that fashion – especially when you’re doing your business!

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