Fun with Kids – Dosage Tracker

Dosage Tracker

Buddy got strep throat. Boo. When I picked up the bottle of antibiotic I knew I wanted to try something I’d seen on Pinterest: the on-bottle dosage tracker.

I put a box on the side of the bottle for every dose we would need to give him. Each time we gave him a dose we marked out the box; no more wondering if you gave him that last does. Just consult the bottle!

When we missed a dose (we’re human!), we left the box empty and kept going so as not to throw off our days. We came back to any missed doses at the end until all of the boxes were filled.

Dosage Tracker

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4 thoughts on “Fun with Kids – Dosage Tracker

  1. wow! Great idea.

  2. That is such a good idea, I am always forgetting doses!

    • Ditto! Plus, if you do one dose and someone else does the next, this can help keep track without having to consult the other person. Win!!

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