Dear Buddy – Sup? Or, How You Made Me Fall Off the Couch

Dear Buddy,

You are my strong, silent guy. Most times you don’t have much to say. Even when you do have a lot to say, there aren’t that many well-formed words in there. That’s ok. All in good time.

That considered, you can imagine why the following happened two nights ago. You, Kitten, and I were all in the bay window at the front of the house, coloring with window crayons. You looked up as Daddy passed by, coming home from work. Instead of your usual spout of ‘Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!’ accompanied with jumping up and down, you casually cocked your head and said with impeccable clarity, “Hey, hey, Daddy, what’s going on?”

Excuse please?

I just lost it; I busted out laughing so hard that I lost my precarious balance on the bay window ledge, fell over backward on the couch and – still laughing – rolled on to the floor with a very unattractive ‘thunk’. It was priceless, I’m sure.

Any attempts to get you to say it again where fruitless. It had passed and you were back to one word statements. It was ‘truck, truck, truck’ and ‘milk, milk, milk’ the rest of the evening. But, I’ve got my eye on you, kiddo. You’re just saving up for another gem and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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