Box Spring Upholstery

Box Spring Upholstery

Kitten has a full-sized mattress. She probably thinks this is because she is a princess, but really it was because we already owned it and were too cheap to buy another mattress.

Initially we put it directly on the floor so that she wouldn’t have far to fall if she rolled off. We kept it on the floor because it makes one heck of a trampoline and why on earth would I ruin that for the kids??

So, Kitten has a large mattress in the middle of her room. We dressed it up with a DIY headboard made with plywood, egg-crate and a ‘Kmart-special’ comforter. The box spring, however, remained an eye sore.

Recently I tackled that ugly box spring. Here is the before:

Holy grandmother's couch, Batman!

Holy grandmother’s couch, Batman!

You can even see a bit of the awesome headboard to the left there.

I used some nice green fabric I had laying around that used to be Kitten’s curtains in her room before the move. I stapled it to the wood on the bottom of the box spring:

Who doesn't love a good staple gun??

Who doesn’t love a good staple gun??

I went to staple it on the top and discovered…there’s no wood on the top! D’oh. So, I made do with some gaffer’s tape (love that stuff):

Fine, so it ain't winning any beauty contests...

Fine, so it ain’t winning any beauty contests…

In the end I was super happy with the results. Kitten’s bed now looks ‘put together’ instead of ‘haphazard’:


It’s not Vogue-worthy, but it’s definitely kid-chic.

It cost me nothing and it took less than 30 minutes. Win!


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5 thoughts on “Box Spring Upholstery

  1. We upgraded to a king sized mattress right before Felix was born since Stella stayed in our bed all the time back then. When we were trying out different brands, the salesmen kept trying to push that memory foam crap. Have you ever sat on it? It’s like an upholstered rock. No kid could ever jump on that. I didn’t care how “orthopedic” it was, I wasn’t buying that. Stella would hate it and probably break her ankles. A little bed-jumping is part of being a kid!

    • Amen! Bed jumping for everyone! Although I will admit that our bed is not jumpable and it has worked out nicely – the kids want nothing to do with it. Which is great with me!! 😉

  2. Good job! Kitten is one lucky princess! 🙂

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