Dear Kitten – My Grandkids

Dear Kitten,

The other day you announced that you and your beau, ‘G’, were going to have 4 kids after you grew up and got married.

Mimi followed up with, “All at once or one at a time?” To which you answered, “All at once.” Which made me explode with a derisive, “Ha!”

Daddy followed up with, “What will you name them?” Which you answered promptly with, “Jonifer, George, Beanifen, and Mommy.”

I’m flattered, but I’m also crossing my fingers that you change your mind between now and then. Or, if not, I will make custom mugs and key chains for each of my adorable – if uniquely named – grandchildren 🙂

…except George. He can buy that crap off the rack.



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2 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – My Grandkids

  1. Mary Jones

    Ha, ha, ha…where did Beanifen come from???

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