Door Mat Over Air Vent

Door Mat Over Air Vent

My husband got this great wide doormat for in front of our patio door. Awesome! The problem was that we had an air vent right in front of the door.

Solution: I carefully cut an ‘X’ over the open vent, feeling for the corners. I pushed the corners in to the hole, then pushed the cover back on. Perfecto! And it looks great!

wpid-20130831_191149.jpg   wpid-20130831_191200.jpg    wpid-20130831_191240.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Door Mat Over Air Vent

  1. Your featured picture up top is the best! Lovely “crazy kids”!

  2. Genius! I always knew that husband of yours was a smarty pants.

  3. Actually, his idea was to return the mat. My idea was to cut it. He’s a clever guy, but this time it was the clever girl! 😉

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