Dear Government – Time-Out

Dear Government,

If you were my child you would be in SO much time-out. Since you are acting like children, here is some advice I give my toddlers:

1) No whining.

2) You don’t always get what you want when you want it.

3) Listen.

4) Do as you’re told.

5) Clean up after yourself.

6) Take turns.

7) Be patient.

8) Use nice words.

9) Say you’re sorry.

10) Seriously, NO WHINING.

You’re adults. Fix this.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Government – Time-Out

  1. Mary Jones

    Amen, Sister!!

  2. Ceil Fessler

    I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Chris Comer

    Congress is being paid to work stuff out–to collaborate, compromise, work for the citizens of these United States. They should be having their wages docked, withheld in some cases rather than always taking out their inability to perform the duties of their positions on the backs of many good and loyal Federal Employees. It’s just disgusting. – A proud retired Federal Employee of 36 years.

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