Fun with Kids – Hug Blanket

Hug Blanket

For my mother’s birthday we made her this ‘hug blanket’. We traced the hands of her four grandchildren (If we had the ten she wanted we’d never have fit them all!) on some leftover curtain fabric and attached iron-on adhesive.


Side bar: I absolutely love iron-on adhesive! I recommend keeping some around at all times for spur-of-the-moment crafting.

We then laid the hand prints out in ‘open arms’ formation from smallest grandchild to largest. We added a few hearts because, why not?


Now, whenever Mimi needs a hug from her grandkids, she can just wrap herself up in her hug blanket. This is also a cute way to remember how little they all once were. Hopefully she’ll have this memento for years to come.


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4 thoughts on “Fun with Kids – Hug Blanket

  1. This would be perfect for my mom for Christmas! Love this idea.

  2. I love this!!! I’m not so crafty though, hmmm, but this is a great gift.

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