Dear Kitten – The World All Around

Dear Kitten,

Last night while putting you to bed, Daddy came in to say goodnight. You jumped up and out of bed saying, “Daddy, I have to show you something!”

You took him to your window and pulled back the curtain. You both looked outside for a little bit before Daddy asked, “What are we looking at?”

You said, “The world.”

“Oh,” Daddy said, “It’s pretty big.”

“Ya. It’s gots lots of people in it.”

You both stayed at the window for a little while, chatting and looking out, until Daddy said, “Thank you for showing this to me, Kitten.”

“You’re welcome,” you said and hopped back to bed.


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7 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – The World All Around

  1. Miss Fanny P

    awwwwww cute 🙂

  2. pasha123

    A heart-blossom!

  3. Mary Jones

    She’s a thinker, that one!!

  4. Ceil Fessler

    You both have to remember the times like these. Look back on them when things get rough and you’ll remember why we are all here.

  5. Amen! 🙂

  6. Adorable!

  7. that is so sweet 🙂

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