Dear Kitten – Heart Attack at the Home Depot

Dear Kitten,

Yesterday we went to Home Depot. We spent a good amount of time looking at all the Halloween and Christmas decorations. After wrangling Buddy – again – I looked up and didn’t see you in my immediate field of vision. I asked Daddy where you where and he said, by the inflatables. I walked over and…no you. Around the other corner…no you. Up and down the aisle…no you. We started calling your name, louder and louder, and still no you.

It did not take long for the store staff to pick up on our increasing panic. I started to describe you to a clerk when another clerk jumped in and said, with a purple jacket? I see her! She’s walking that way at the other end of the main aisle.

I locked on you  – uncomfortably far away from me – and ran. People parted. When you where within ear shot I called your name. You turned and ran to me.

I know it was just a short time that you were “missing”, but I cried anyway. I was so scared for that short time.

When you walked off Daddy and I were two feet from where you had been, on the other side if a display. You told me that when you looked up and didn’t see us you walked off to look for us. Daddy and I quickly instructed you against that course of action in the future.

Here are Kitten’s “I’m lost” rules:

1. Stay put and call for Mom and Dad.
2. If we don’t respond, go immediately to the nearest store clerk and ask for help.
3. If you can’t find a clerk or you’re not in a store, go to the nearest parent (adult with kids) and ask for help.
4. Do not leave the store or area with anyone unless it is a police officer.

Stay close.

Stay close.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – Heart Attack at the Home Depot

  1. Mary Jones

    I know that gut-wrenching feeling all too well. Good rules above. Review them now and then with your kids, because in time of panic, your mind doesn’t always remember what’s not readily available.

  2. Dennis Joyner

    Meg…I used to see people with their kids hooked to them on a leash and I thought it was cruel. Now I think it was for safety reasons such as this. May look cruel, but may keep everyone out of a panic! Luv U Guys, Aunt ‘Nita

  3. Ceil Fessler

    You did that once as a kid at a mall when Jayne was out visiting. I remember Jayne telling us the story when she got back of how panicked she and Mary had been. Some things just happen, and hopefully all involved learn from the experience. I know how scared Jayne had been just in re-telling us the story let alone living it! You are all precious to so many of us.

    • I didn’t know that! I will have to ask Mom about it. I do remember that I got lost quite a bit. Mom taught me that if I couldn’t find her I should report immediately to the front counter and have her paged. Perhaps it was after the experience Jayne witnessed? I’m sure every parent has at least one similar experience. It’s still terrifying!

  4. Gives me chill bumps just reading your panic because I know how it feels. Even for a split second, not seeing your child is so frightening. Glad she knows the rules now.

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