Dear Buddy – Whiskey Face

Dear Buddy,

Yesterday we went to or local Irish pub for lunch. I ordered an Irish coffee – it was a holiday, why not?

My first mistake was assuming that an Irish coffee was coffee and Irish cream. It is not. One sip divested me of that misconception. It is, in fact, coffee and Irish whiskey.

After just one sip I was making the  whiskey face. And that was through two inches of whipped cream!

By the end of lunch I had still not finished it – not by half. I poured it in to a white styrofoam cup and took it with us, along with Kitten’s apple juice, also in a white styrofoam cup.

…you see where this is going, don’t you?

Later, while painting at the pottery place, you, Buddy, grabbed the nearest styrofoam cup for some refreshment. I saw you do it. I thought nothing of it. I think I even said, “Is that apple juice good?”

It took me about 30 seconds of staring at that cup thinking, I thought there was more juice in there, before it clicked.

“Oh God, Buddy! Put that down!” I shouted as I pulled it from your lips. I stared at you for a second for signs of…what? Drunkenness? Irishness?

You didn’t even make the whiskey face. Why did you keep drinking? Coffee and whiskey? Yuck! I was only drinking it because I’d paid for it. What was your excuse?

Appropriate Whiskey Face

Appropriate Whiskey Face

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One thought on “Dear Buddy – Whiskey Face

  1. Hahaha no whiskey face?! Too funny.

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