Dear Kids – Bringing the Bulls to the China Shop

Dear Kids,

Last Monday was a holiday, so your Aunt A and I decided to take you two (2 and 4 years) and your cousin Tatter Tot (1 year) to a ‘paint your own pottery’ place. We thought it would be a good activity for you guys.

We entered the little china shop with our three bulls in tow. Five minutes in, Buddy had touched every piece of ceramic in the place and nearly dropped half of them, Tatter was DONE and not having this sitting quietly thing anymore, Kitten was…actually painting pottery.

While wrangling the two dis-contented toddlers, Aunt A and I looked at each other and said, “What the hell were we thinking??”

We managed to get out of there without breaking anything, getting only minor glares from the staff, and dropping slightly less than a small fortune on poorly painted pottery. All-in-all, a win!

Fruits of our labors.

Fruits of our labors.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Bringing the Bulls to the China Shop

  1. Ceil Fessler

    Actually, I’m impressed. They look pretty good to me!

    • At the very end of our time there, Buddy was suddenly inspired to paint his car and applied so much paint at one time, I’m positive it will either change the shape of the car or damage the kiln. Fingers crossed the kiln survives!

  2. They look amazing! And 3 toddlers with nothing breaking = well done!!! But aren’t those situations tough where one is taking it in and enjoying it and you’d love to sit there and do it together but then the other one is taking all the attention…?!

    • Yes! Thankfully Kitten was so engrossed in her painting, I don’t think she noticed that I wasn’t even at the table half the time. Poor thing…

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