Dear Kitten – Yogurt Sandwich

Dear Kitten,

On one of the many occasions when you couldn’t decide what you wanted to eat, you wound up with a blueberry yogurt and some crackers. You were in a mood and had been instructed that you were not to leave the table until you had eaten something. You are one of those people – like me – whose mood is directly tied to your stomach and when you don’t eat you get cranky and belligerent. We left you there, pouting in front of your snack items.

I came back a few minutes later and found you happily eating ‘yogurt sandwiches’. You said they were delicious and you ate them all the time. Didn’t I want one? I declined, in case you were wondering.

I’m not sure we’ll be sending this one to Betty Crocker, but I am impressed with your commitment to your original recipe…

Introducing: The Yogurt Sandwich

Introducing: The Yogurt Sandwich

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One thought on “Dear Kitten – Yogurt Sandwich

  1. Oh my!

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