Dear Kids – Sand Ahoy!

Dear Kids,

We (read: Daddy) recently finished assembling the Most Awesome Playset Ever in the back yard. It has a slide, steering wheel, and swings – all the basics of a playset these days.

Most Awesome Playset Awesome

Most Awesome Playset Ever

What we added to make your playset extra awesome was…Sand! Not on the outside – we put mulch there – but, on the inside. We covered the floor of the bottom level with sand and created your own little covered sand pit.

I’d never thought of doing that before to a playset, but it is pure genius and everyone should do it! The sand is outside, but contained and protected from getting too wet or leafy. If we ever get sick of it, we’ll just throw some mulch on top of it.

Covered Sand Pit

Covered Sand Pit

You guys may never come inside again…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Sand Ahoy!

  1. So cool! I would’ve loved that as a kid. Oh heck, I’d love it now!

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